International Non-Governmental Organisations

Below is a list of some of the main international agencies working in Latin America on one or more of the relevant issues, such as social justice (including access to land), equality for women, and/or on the environment. If you click on the name of an agency below, where possible you will be taken to its webpage listing the particular countries where it has projects. Most of these agencies do not formally invite applications for funding on their websites, although they may, in fact, provide grants to local organisations. If the website does not request funding applications, you could write to the agency by e-mail – to their office in your country if they have one, or if not, to their regional office or their headquarters with a brief description of the work that your organisation undertakes and possibly a request for a meeting. 


Action Aid International. It works with poor farmers on land reform and trade justice, as well as on building social movements.  

Ayuda en Accion. Is Action Aid's sister organisation.  It works on  the right to food and women's rights, and has field offices in a number of  countries.

Cordaid. Focus - land issues, extractives, women's rights No field offices in Latin America

Diakonia. Focus – human rights, democratisation, equality, social and economic justice, peace and reconciliation

HEKS. Focus -  the development of rural communities, supporting social movements, the protection and defence of human rights.

Misereor. Focuses include on access to land, climate change and food sovereignty.

Oxfam. Focuses include economic justice and gender equality, including supporting the organizations of the rural poor, including women who are farmers and agricultural labourers.

Trocaire. Works in Central America. Supports the work of documenting human rights violations and challenging those responsible, and empowering marginalised people, especially women, to participate in governance processes and demand accountability from their governments. Focuses include gender equality and the support of rural communities.

We Effect. Works on rural development and equality of rights with a gender perspective.  


There are also two major coalitions of church-related organisations working in Latin America (some of their members are mentioned above):

ACT Alliance. A coalition of more than 140 churches and affiliated organisations associated with the World Council of Churches or the Lutheran World Federation, working together to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised.  Focuses – climate change, food security, human rights.

CIDSE. International alliance of 17 member organisations from Europe and North America.  Focuses:- tackling poverty, creating more peaceful and just societies, protecting the environment, and supporting women, young people and indigenous groups to have more say in political and economic life.